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Where did it all begin?

Sigma Tau Alpha was founded on January 28, 1936, at the University of Washington in Seattle
by Evelyn Murdock Campbell, Grand Worthy Advisor of Washington.
It received the blessings of Rev. W. Mark Sexson, Founder of Rainbow, who said,
"This is a wonderful thing for Rainbow Girls and I have no doubt that in years to
come it will be a worthwhile organization."

Who Are They?

Members must be Rainbow Girls in good standing, Majority Rainbow Girls attending a
college, university, community colleges, technical or trade schools, or the wives of students on the campus.
It is for both undergraduate and graduate students. Where there are two campuses close together,
if agreeable to the schools involved, they may form one Chapter.
You may wish to apply to a Chapter near your home, assembly, or college.
Members may apply for National Scholarship Awards.
Requests for information regarding Chapters and their locations may be obtained from the National Director.

What's it all about?

The purpose of Sigma Tau Alpha is to:
foster the spirit of friendliness among Rainbow Girls in universities and colleges,
to render service to the institution with which the Chapter is affiliated,
and to assist the Supreme Inspector (or Deputy) in ways they may find to be of help to the jurisdiction.

Chapters plan events which may include: projects for the benefit of the school,
group visits to Rainbow Assemblies, charity and service activities.
Members enjoy many and varied social events.
The spirit and fun these older girls have often encourages others to continue their Rainbow affiliations.

Sigma Tau Alpha is a Rainbow Sorority based on Service, and is generally classified as a service or social organization. In this way, it in no way interferes with other National Sororities. Thus a girl may belong to a sorority and still be a member of Sigma Tau Alpha. The group meets in halls, homes, and/or college buildings.

The National Initiation fee is $25.00 ($50 if a lifetime membership is desired).
Annual National Dues are $10.00.
Ohio State Initiation fee is $6.00 ($26 if a lifetime membership is desired)
Annual Dues are: $5.00
Chapter dues vary by individual Chapters

For more information about Sigma Tau Alpha in Ohio
please contact our State Director.

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